grids 2

In this patch, the grids module is triggering the DPO, the Moog, and the Pico drums. Since I am using two of the three grids outputs for triggering the oscillator envelopes, I used the remaining output for the kick drum, and then used an accent output for the high hat. The Moog’s LFO is being multed to modulate the grids’ X axis and also the Moog filter’s cutoff frequency (after going through the Moog’s mixer to reduce the modulation amount). Maths is acting as an LFO to modulate the DPO’s angle value, as well as creating an envelope to control the DPO’s fold. The other half of Maths is generating the envelope fed to the dynamix to shape the DPO output level. The Moog output is also fed into the dynamix to mix before sending to Rosie which combines it with the Pico drums. As usual, Rosie sends to ErbeVerb for ambience.

“grids 2”