printf(“hello world\n”);

Just put together my first few Eurorack modules, along with a Moog Mother 32, and here is the initial result:

“hello world”

The Moog is triggering the built-in oscillator with an 8-step sequence, while the Moog’s filter cutoff and resonance is being slowly modulated by a Makenoise Maths module’s channel 4. Meanwhile a Makenoise DPO module is having its Fold input modulated by the same Maths module, except the Maths channel 1 Rise and Fall are being modulated by the Moog’s LFO. The DPO’s channel 1 is in LFO mode, and its sawtooth output is modulating the DPO’s Angle input, while the sine wave output is modulating an Erbeverb’s Speed input. The DPO’s output is being attenuated by a Dynamix which is then fed into a Rosie’s first channel, while the Moog’s output goes to the Rosie’s second channel. The Rosie then “sends” the mix through the Erbeverb. ¬†Other than hitting start/stop on the sequencer, and shortening the envelope decay near the end, this is a hands-off operation.